ALBASR provides a number of healthcare products ranging from standardized EMR for general hospitals tospecialized MRS for ophthalmology clinics/hospitals to products like Telemedicine and Hess Chart to AI based diagnostics.


ALBASR's Electronic Medical Records Suite (EMRS). A Complete standardized system. Highly customizable with Cloud based storage


  • Appointment Block Scheduling
  • Daily Appointments
  • Subject, Objective, Assessment & Plan Notes entry
  • Diagnosis Entry
  • Lab, Pharmacy & Radiology Order Entry
  • Customizable Encounter & Examination Forms

Medical Records

  • Patient Visit History Management & Encounter Recording
  • SOAP Notes
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis/Problem Entry
  • Patient Allergies Record
  • Medication Administration

Laboratory & Radiology

  • Order templates mgmt & configuration
  • Order EntrNon-Dicom image results/observations attachment & viewing
  • y & Status tracking
  • Lab results entry templates mgmt & configuration
  • Lab results entry & report generation


  • Coded Drugs Dictionary
  • Individual & Group Order Entry
  • Medication Plan Configuration
  • Medication Plan ordering
  • Active & Discontinued Medications Record


  • Patient Registration
  • Provider Registration
  • User Account, Privileges & Access Control Management
  • Provider Scheduling
  • Appointment Scheduling

Financials & Billing

  • Items & Services Management
  • Rates Configuration
  • Billing Invoice generation of Items & Services availed
  • Bill status tracking
  • Reporting

Opthamology Suite

AL-BASR Ophthalmology suite is a complete solution for any eye hospital/clinic. It is an electronic patient health record system that is designed to accurately capture the state of patient at all times. It works in a networked environment with other AL-BASR diagnostic software applications to fully digitize and centralize patient health record management. Enables consultant’s access wirelessly from anywhere and anytime on portable devices and fixed stations. It allows for an entire patient history to be viewed and retrieved without the need to track down the patient’s previous medical records by providing easy search. Equipped with image processing tool kit, it enhances fundus photographs of all types. With a built in support for early detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma it brings effected patients to consultant’s notice. AL-BASR data statistics monitor’s activity to help an administration focus on resource planning to improve their efficiency. Furthermore to use data in medical research.


Telemedicine module is specifically designed for clinics and basic health units situated in rural areas. This module links health units from remote areas with main metropolitan hospital. Our telemedicine module has following features

Real time screen sharing

    Patient registration

    Medical SOAP notes

    Real time textual, audio and video chatting

    Collection and sharing of vital signs

      As an integrated networked component of AL-BASR MRS, its data synchronizes with a central database to enable access from multiple locations by consultants inside a hospital or a clinic.


    RetroVision is a fully integrated solution for the automated grading as well as 3D presentation of human macula. It is based on state of the art image processing and deep learning based algorithms which takes retinal imagery of the registered patients as an input and it automatically generates macular reports which contain highly detailed analysis of macular layers, macular fluids and macular thickness along with the automated grading of present macular condition. These reports can be viewed by expert ophthalmologists and they can also be printed or exported in PDF. Apart from this, RetroVision can generate highly detailed 3D presentation of human macula on the fly which helps doctors in visualizing and objectively evaluating the retinal pathology.

    RetroVision further provides intelligent diagnosis of fundus images to identify



    Macular Edema



    Without or with limited presence of an ophthalmologist, the automated Diabetic Retinopathy, maculopathy and Glaucoma Analysis tool find outs the symptoms that may lead to major disease by generating useful reports, which not only help saving consultation time but also help prioritize patients that need immediate medical care.

    Hess Chart

    ALBASR Hess Chart provides an easy to use software to automate the process of Hess Screen diagnostic tests

    Unmatched Accuracy

      With easy editing, auto graphing and reporting capabilities, it dramatically reduces time and effort and ensures pin point accuracy.

    Digital Storage

      Digitally store and retrieve patient test reports with AL-BASR without the hassle of tracking them manually.


      Equipped with report printing and exporting to ready share portable document format it provides an easy and cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and reliability.

    Centralized System

      As an integrated networked component of AL-BASR MRS, its data synchronizes with a central database to enable access from multiple locations by consultants inside a hospital or a clinic.

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